About Us

Remnant Preparatory School offers K-12 Bible-based education in a live-virtual learning environment – direct student -teacher contact where ever you are.

Remnant Prep. provides an exciting opportunity for students living in the United States and internationally to learn directly from a live teacher.  Each year we will grow in our relationship with each other and learn in many exciting ways.

In addition to the virtual learning environment, Remnant Prep. offers the traditional homeschooling option with a facilitator doing home visits twice a year.  This is a great option that enables parents to comply with home-education government guidelines, and preside over your child’s education.

In order for you to be a part of the online learning adventure it is necessary to have the following items:

  • a computer with webcam,
  • headset with mic,
  • printer, scanner, and
  • access to an Internet connection (high speed connection if possible).

These components will enable you to enjoy many learning opportunities and to communicate with your teacher and classmates. Students in Grades 7-12 also receive their own email address for school use.

Our virtual classes use Blackboard Collaborate, BigblueButton, Google Classroom, and other platforms as parts of our Learning Management System. These tools are very easy to use and a training session is available upon enrollment.

Remnant Prep. offers State -approved course materials (paper-based or online). However, we have opted-out of following local state Department of Education time line for standardized tests, and will also NOT be a part of the government standardized testing.

If you have any questions, please contact us via telephone or email. Remnant Prep. also use the same methods to communicate with parents and students.

Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-811-3043; 847-241-8345
Fax:  1-800-811-8067; 847-478-3049

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Office hours:
Monday – Thursday: 8:00am – 4:00pm (Eastern Standard Time).
Friday: 8am – 12:00pm (Eastern Standard Time).

General inquiry: [email protected]
Admissions:  [email protected]
Administrator: [email protected]